Emily Yates doesn’t exactly do everything (especially not that), but there’s no point sending you all around the internet looking for various writings, songs and interviews, is there? So here it all is – essays and stories, snarky folk songs, photography, and adventures in anti-war activism – all coated in a colorful candy shell.


After spending the first six years of her adult life as an army public affairs minion, Emily Yates decided crafting propaganda was not her thing, and moved on to writing her own opinions. These have taken the form of essays, op-eds, songs, stories, and poetry, on topics ranging from military life and politics to drugs, sex, and social taboos. Her writing has been published in online publications such as Truth-OutO-Dark-Thirty, and various other blogs, and has been printed in two Warrior Writers anthologies. She’s released three albums of original songs (I’ve Got Your Folk Songs Right Here – 2012, Folk In Your Face – 2014, Don’t Kid Yourself – 2014), and is currently working on a book of short stories inspired by her military experiences.