The Global Try Not To Be A Dick Movement

The Global TNTBAD Movement (how’s that for an acronym, eh?) has one goal: to gently urge everyone everywhere to try not to be a dick.

Its proposed method of urging has three prongs: use the song, the sticker and a smile. (The smile is important, because otherwise we are being aggressive, and that is a dickish thing to be in most situations.) At the very least, we use the words instead of our fists. And remember, it’s especially crucial for us to say it to ourselves on a regular basis. We are all capable of being dicks.

The TNTBAD Movement understands that sometimes it’s necessary to be a dick. That’s why emphasis is put on the word “try.” It’s all about the effort. We’re all human. We all make mistakes. But if we try not to be dicks, we will probably often succeed, and all our respective worlds will be slightly nicer.

That’s basically it. If you’re being a dick on purpose, the Global TNTBAD Movement would rather you didn’t. If you’re not being a dick on purpose, you’re doing a great job! Keep it up!

Additionally, I’ve declared March 17 to also be Try Not To Be A Dick Day. Try not to be a dick when you’re getting hammered on green beer!

How Did The Movement Start?

It started as a song, on March 17, 2011. A few months later, it became stickers, which traveled all over the world. On March 17, 2013, after a couple espressos and a few minutes sitting outside in the sun,  I decided it should be a Global Movement.

In addition to being St. Patrick’s Day (a day when many of us, let’s be honest, tend to be dicks), that day also marked two years since I posted my original “Try Not To Be A Dick” video ( onto YouTube. Since then, I’ve gotten to lead hundreds of smiling faces in jubilant refrains of the song in its various forms. Now that it exists in the world, it actually keeps me more conscious of whether I am, in a given situation, being a dick. There are still times when I am informed after the fact that I was being kind of a dick, but for the most part, whenever I am about to open a can of verbal whoopass, I am often able to remind myself, “Self? Didn’t you write that song about trying not to do what you are about to do? So perhaps, don’t. At least try.”

To aid you in your trying not to be a dick, you can use the stickers and the song, which you can get at my shows and here on my website. You’re going to need to provide your own smile.