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To aid in my quest for eventual world domination, I wanted to consolidate all my endeavors in one site. So here it is, in handy, clickable form, linked for all of our convenience:
musicphotographywriting, activism and whatever else I decide to add as I go along.

“But why do you want to eventually achieve world domination?” I can hear some of you innocently wondering. It’s mainly because I want to make the rules. For instance, in my world, marijuana would be legal, and police brutality would be illegal. Wars would be resolved with three rounds of Rock, Paper, Scissors. People who buy ridiculously huge vehicles and drive them around with nothing inside would be mandated to apply bumper stickers that say “I AM A RESOURCE-WASTING TOOL.” Etc.

Anyway, every artist needs a goal. Mine is world domination (eventually), and I think it’s attainable, perhaps because I’ve had two cups of strong coffee, or perhaps because everything is, eventually, possible.

Emily Yates
Eventual World Dominator and Ukulele Superstar
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