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  • New sticker shipment, get ya some! A new shipment of try not to be a dick stickers has arrived! Order some for yourself, your friends or your (least) favorite politicians right here!
  • Out with the old, in with the new Well, the old site was getting cluttered and rather than clean it up, I figured I’d start again – who doesn’t love a blank slate? Check out my writing, music, photography and more, now with a clean, new look and a fresh, minty taste.
  • Reflection | #CommunicationFail: Talking Politics In The Trump Era I kind of can’t believe I’m saying this, but … the post-election development that bothers me most isn’t the threat of an authoritarian regime. I mean, that is deeply troubling, and I’m definitely freaked right the hell out about the rise of fascism in this country, but even so, there’s a problem that worries me ...
  • Reflection | The Dark Side of Red Rocks Like any devout fan of live music, I’ve spent time at beautiful outdoor concert venues all around the country, dancing in the breeze to the songs of my favorite bands, soaking up the mountains, deserts and oceans that stretch out for miles in every direction. And like many of the people who surround me in ...
  • Reflection | Standing Rock: We Are Not At War “Fall in!” came the command from the front of the Sitting Bull College auditorium Saturday night, and as hundreds of my fellow veterans and I took our places in formation, I fervently hoped that we weren’t about to witness the end of a peaceful movement. When I first saw the news that thousands of veterans were ...


Emily Yates doesn’t exactly do everything (especially not that), but there’s no point sending you all around the internet looking for various writings, songs and interviews, is there? So here it all is – from essays on military life and its aftermath, to snarky folk songs and adventures in anti-war activism – in a colorful candy shell.