New video! “Land Of The Free”

A brand new patriotic music video for America’s most explosive holiday, Independence Day, in honor of those for whom this has never been the “Land of the Free.” (Note: it includes content relating to police brutality that some may find triggering.)

Have a safe 4th of July! And remember, before setting off fireworks, please consider the people in your neighborhood who may have been previously exploded in a war or elsewhere.

Videography & editing by Bryan Edward with concept/production by Kristina Rusch, who also plays a mean assailant.

New video: “Don’t Know Much About Star Wars”

A song that’s kind of but also not about Star Wars.
(Lyrics & credits below, also at

Words/music/art/sketch videos by Emily Yates
Performance video/audio recording & video editing by Sobokeh
Originally written for and performed at Tourettes Without Regrets, Oakland CA

I wish I knew more about Star Wars than real wars  Continue reading “New video: “Don’t Know Much About Star Wars””