As an army “journalist” – in quotes because military journalism is also called “public affairs” – I wrote lots of articles and editorials on varying topics having to do with the army (2002-2008). Now I write songs, essays, op/eds and whatever else makes sense at the time. You can browse the archives or skip to my work published by:

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  • Op/Ed | American Propagander: Six Ways Paul Rieckhoff’s “American Sniper” Column Deeply Bothers This US Veteran When I first laid eyes on the guest column Paul Rieckhoff wrote about “American Sniper,” I thought I’d read the byline wrong. This has to have been written by the Department of Defense, I thought, before scrolling back up. When I saw that the founder and chief executive officer of America’s largest corporately-sponsored veterans’ organization ...
  • Op/Ed | Who Am I, Really?: The Identity Crisis of the Woman Veteran Returning Home I just read Raul Felix’s article about the division of Generation Y (which is drawn, the author asserts, between those who are Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, and those who aren’t), and although I thought Felix made some extremely salient points, I am of the opinion that another, more specific division needs to be made. I’m referring to ...
  • Nation of Apathy: How I learned to stop worrying and love the draft originally written as a final assignment for Dr. Karen Chaudhry’s Political Science 142A lecture course, UC Berkeley Fall 2012   The phrase “no, thank you” is ubiquitous to American culture. It’s used to deflect all manner of advances – a simple, standardized mantra of dismissal, indicating politely, “I’m not interested, and please leave.” Have time for a ...